The Inessa Energy Collection

Battery on empty? Our energy supplements will soon have you firing on all cylinders again.

Advanced Multivitamin

25 micronutrients including clinically relevant doses of B-complex, CoQ10 and vitamin D3. Meet your secret weapon in the war against fatigue.

Advanced Omega 3 

Did you know Omega 3 deficiency is linked to tiredness, poor concentration and even disordered sleep patterns? Replenish your body’s supply with a clinical dose of our pure, fresh fish oil.


Tired all the time? Give your body a boost. This contains not one but three different types of highly bioactive magnesium, the magical mineral that can reduce fatigue and support your sleep.

Energy from within

Whether you’re working hard, working late or working out, our collection of supplements and vitamins for energy will put some natural spring in your step. With relevant doses of micronutrients, magnesium and Omega 3, they’ll help keep you feeling fresh and focused, no matter what life throws at you. 

Why take supplements for energy?

The energy we call upon to get us through the day is derived from the food we eat. But to actually convert the carbs, fats and proteins on our plates into the kind of energy our cells can use involves certain vitamins. 

Omega 3 and magnesium also play a vital role. For example, Omega 3 helps reduce oxidative stress, while a magnesium deficiency is linked to both excessive tiredness and muscle weakness.

In an ideal world, your diet would provide all the vitamins, minerals and essential fats you need. But stress, poor sleep, a restricted diet and excess alcohol consumption can leave you depleted - and suffering from fatigue and low energy levels as a result.

The best supplements for energy

Co-enzyme Q10 is known to help cells generate energy while B-complex vitamins help transform carbohydrates into the kind of energy our bodies can use. Vitamin D3, Omega 3 and magnesium are so important to our energy levels that a deficiency of any one of them can lead to symptoms of fatigue. 

Inessa’s Advanced Multivitamin gives you clinical-strength doses of CoQ10, B-complex vitamins, vitamin D3 and much more, while our Advanced Omega 3 contains DHA and EPA in meaningful doses. Our Magnesium is a blend of three different types of the magical mineral, each one chosen for its high bioavailability. Taken together they make an energy-boosting dream team, whenever you need to put the pep back into your step.

Increase energy naturally

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