Strengthen your body’s defences with our collection of supplements designed to support your immune system.

Optimal nutrition for your immune system

Our immunity collection supports your wellness all-year long.

Why take vitamins and supplements for immunity?

Everything from managing stress to improving sleep and taking moderate exercise have been shown to improve our resistance to bugs. But our diets are known to play a key role in supporting the immune system, too.

Scientists have long been aware that people who are malnourished are more prone to infectious diseases. In fact a whole alphabet of micronutrient deficiencies, from vitamin A to zinc, have been shown to weaken our immune responses, while having low levels of vitamin D has also been seen in those suffering from autoimmune diseases.

The best supplements for healthy immune system responses

With high-strength vitamin C and vitamin D, plus zinc, selenium, elderberry and botanical mushrooms, Inessa’s award-winning Immunity Complex specifically targets the immune system, to ensure you’re getting just what you need to maintain your body’s defences.

Or try our Advanced Multivitamin. It too provides relevant doses of vitamin C and vitamin D, plus there are 23 other micronutrients crammed into each capsule, so no nutritional gaps will stand in the way of your optimal wellness. 

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