Giving Back

Inessa has partnered with charity Think Through Nutrition

Inessa has partnered with the charity Think Through Nutrition to support their mission to help the most marginalised groups in society to transform their life chances through the right nutrition. For almost four decades Think Through Nutrition have created significant impact through their pioneering research, and now in their practical interventions, addressing the rise in mental ill health and behavioural issues that are so often a direct result of poor diet.

They work with groups often excluded from the mainstream, including:

  • Women within social care systems
  • Men, women, and young people within the Criminal Justice System
  • Children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of whom are at risk of behavioural issues or criminality due to poor diet
  • Other vulnerable people experiencing inequality of access due to poor food

Their programmes look at how the right foods can help participants to improve their mental wellbeing, physical health, sociability, self-worth, knowledge, skills and confidence levels, as well as their ability to achieve goals. They have done so successfully, and in doing this, they have drawn on the accumulated knowledge of some of the most respected scientists in this space to bring the latest thinking and practice to tackle this often neglected issue.

Inessa are honoured to partner with them, and in addition to contributing 30p from every product sold, we are providing access to our technical platforms and formulation and production facilities, as required, to support their programmes.

We will be sharing further information on our upcoming work with Think Through Nutrition in the coming months and if you would like to learn more in the meantime, you can visit their website: