Online Class: Gentle Yoga with Laura-Kate Brown

Online Class: Gentle Yoga with Laura-Kate Brown

Laura-Kate is an online yoga instructor & fitness coach who offers wellness retreats,  daily classes and online videos for beginners through to dedicated yogi. Her classes offer different styles and are tailored to make marked improvements in her clients' physical and mental wellbeing. 

Laura-Kate grew up in London but, with a passion for travel, she left home at 18 to explore the world. In doing so, Laura-Kate found her love and passion for yoga, fitness and the overarching importance of health and wellbeing.

She has over 7 years experience teaching yoga and specialises in Vinyasa Flow which she mastered after travelling to the foothills of the Himalayas, India, in her quest to fully explore the world of yoga.

Laura-Kate now calls the South of France home, where she runs wellness retreats as well as teaching online classes, and has kindly created a gentle yoga class, as part of a series especially for Inessa, for you to enjoy. Watch on YouTube and subcribe to Inessa's channel to follow the series.

To find out more about Laura-Kate or to join a group or private class today, visit

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