Wave Makers: Lena Aisha of FLAURA

Wave Makers: Lena Aisha of FLAURA

Having launched a beautifully curated and varied digital wellness platform as the world went into lockdown, Lena Aisha, Founder & Editor in Chief of digital wellness platform FLAURA has thrived in a year that has thrown up numerous challenges. We caught up with Lena to ask about her motivations for founding FLAURA, her experiences of starting a new venture during lockdown, how she thinks digital platforms will drive wellness going forward and of course, we ask for her top wellness tips!

What were your motivations for starting a digital wellness platform and how do you think such resources drive the health and wellness industry in the future?

I found my experience of the internet and digital media to be similar to those of many I spoke to, in that we were constantly barraged with negativity and bad news. I wanted to create a space that was the opposite of that to help foster and nurture growth. And in such a digital-first era like 2020/21, you can’t force people to put their phones away. So, you may as well create something positive and uplifting for them to scroll through.

What sets FLAURA apart from other wellness platforms?

I think what has really resonated with our audience so far is the newsletter, which is unlike others out there. Getting that boost of positivity every morning can really help you set a good mood for the rest of your day, and having all the information in bite-sized pieces allows readers to absorb the content and then go apply it to their lives fairly quickly.

Would you tell us about your career before FLAURA and how that has helped you navigate starting your own business?

I studied Law at university, which is quite a way away from wellness – but I had various editorial/research internships and my own fashion media platform that gave me experience in running a content-based business. I’ve also always had an entrepreneurial spirit which has made starting FLAURA an exciting adventure.

Unknowingly you started a new venture at a very stressful time. What have you learnt from this process and how did you adapt to suit this new environment?

The one thing the process has taught me is that flexibility is key and it’s important to be able to adjust when things don’t go as planned. That being said, when your days are filled with working on a positive wellness platform, a lot of that rubs off. So, I’ve found my work to oddly be a source of respite rather than stress on most days.

What do you look for when deciding on the best products and practices in the wellness industry, to showcase on FLAURA?

It’s a mixture of different criteria, but first and foremost is reliability; the products we feature have either been tried and tested by myself or one of the team, or have received enough rave reviews to be hard to ignore. Second is universality – you don’t need to be an expert to try out these products or practices, and so they are applicable to those just starting off on their wellness journey.

What are your top 5 favourite wellness products or practices and why?

  • CBD! I’ve become a huge fan over the past few months and have had my best nights’ sleep with Apothem’s Light’s Out CBD.
  • Meditation/mindfulness is also a must! I recently started watching the Headspace series on Netflix and would greatly recommend the Loona app.
  • Writing/journaling – I’ve always been an avid writer and find it be a stress-relieving process.
  • KannaSwiss Daily Booster Shots – I don’t drink coffee and sometimes need a boost of energy in the morning and these are the most reliable source I’ve found – they’re also great at supporting immunity!
  • Inessa Advanced Multivitamin – I’ve been lucky enough to try supplements from a number of amazing brands, but these are by far my favourite.

For someone in need of self care but who is finding it difficult to get motivated, can you suggest things they can do, even for a few minutes a day, to help them take time for themselves?

Meditation, even if it’s for just 5 minutes a day, can be a transformative experience. It can bring the calm and clarity you need to find grounding in your day to day, ultimately helping your mood, relationships, decision process and much more!

What’s next for FLAURA in 2021?

I’m working on something really exciting on the commerce side of things, and have also collaborated with an amazing array of health experts to bring some great content!

Lena is a Law Graduate and budding creative entrepreneur. She has worked with the British Fashion Council as accredited press and has been a guest on business webinars and in interviews for PUSH PR, ThreeDots and more. She is also a Digital Ambassador for women’s only Member’s Club AllBright. To learn more about Lena and FLAURA visit the website

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