Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic
Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic

Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic

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Restore your balance, support your health with the world’s most-studied biotic strain
60 capsules
60 days supply
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Your gut holds the key to your optimal health and wellness

So help it find harmony with a clinical strength biotic. Each delayed-release capsule bursts with 10 billion live Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG bacteria, the well-researched strain that’s recommended by the experts.

Most clinically-studied cultures

Best-selling biotic strain in the US

Helps support good digestion and immune health

Helps restore balance in your digestive tract

Clinically relevant dose

What’s in Advanced Daily Biotic?

Give your gut some good guys

Features & benefits

Why you’ll love it

Contains the world’s best-studied strain

Contains the world’s best-studied strain

Provides the GG strain of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, the world’s most scientifically studied culture, and the best-selling form of biotic in the US.
A bacterial superhero

A bacterial superhero

Forty years of research has shown Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG to be safe and effective. This gold standard strain is known for its resistance to stomach acid, growth characteristics and its ability to adhere to the gut wall.
Clinically relevant dose

Clinically relevant dose

Each capsule contains 10 billion live organisms guaranteed to expiry, the dose that’s shown to be most effective in clinical studies.
Delayed-release capsule

Delayed-release capsule

Inessa gives your cultures an extra helping hand. We use sophisticated processes to ensure that the bacteria stay alive and reach the gut.
Designed for daily use

Designed for daily use

Can be taken everyday, even by people on a low-FODMAP or SCD diet. Instead of prebiotic fibres we use glutamine, a pure amino acid that complements the good bacteria.
Optimal wellness now and in the future

Optimal wellness now and in the future

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG is not only good for general health and wellbeing, it has been well-studied for immunity, certain gut issues and even inflammatory skin disorders like eczema.

Recommended by experts

“The most clinically researched probiotic”

Men’s Fitness

“Best UK Probiotics 2019”

Evening Standard
Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic is perfect if…

You want a probiotic strain with proven benefits

You want to support your digestion, skin health or immunity

You want a product that’s fresh and viable

You want to naturally restore balance when taking antibiotics

You want to support your optimal health and wellness.

You want a clinically relevant dose

May not be suitable

Consult your doctor before use. Some (but not all) patients who are immunocompromised may lack the ability to mount an appropriate response to new bacteria in the gut, which may lead to serious complications.


33p per dose

Suitable for FODMAP diet as it contains glutamine instead of prebiotics

Delayed-release capsule so live cultures get to where they’re needed most

Live cultures guaranteed to expiry using sophisticated processes designed to protect them from light, oxygen and moisture

Free of all major allergens, fillers, artificial colours and preservatives

Leading brand

From 85p per dose

Not suitable for FODMAP because it contains inulin, a prebiotic

Standard capsule so not all live cultures will survive the stomach acid

Live cultures are not guaranteed to the date of expiry

Includes the colourant titanium dioxide along with unnecessary sucrose

From the founder

“There are many types of biotic products available. But whilst this particular strain was making waves in the nutrition industry and already a best-seller in the US, nobody was selling it in the UK. When I was diagnosed with gut issues, I had to buy from abroad to take it for myself.

When we launched our own Daily Biotic, it was clear that it had to be Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG. There’s an industry buzz about it for a reason - it really is the probiotic gold standard, supported by wealth of evidence and research.

I prefer live bacteria products to be encapsulated in ‘delayed release’ capsules. These bypass stomach acid and bile – both of which can destroy the cultures – to deliver the good bugs to your gut, where they can be most effective.”

Frequently asked questions

Yes it is, and it’s free of all major allergens.

Yes, and we’ve gone the extra mile to register it with the Vegan Society.

We include a significant amount of live bacteria over the 10 billion live cultures claimed. This is good industry practice to ensure that there is still the right amount of live bacteria in the capsule at the date of expiry. It means our product may still be effective for many months after the best before date.

There are some who argue that taking a biotic daily can be helpful for maintaining a healthy immune system. Others believe they are only beneficial for temporary and long-term digestive disturbances, along with certain chronic health problems.

For individuals who don’t have any particular health concerns, regularly eating a wide variety of plant foods and including fermented foods naturally rich in probiotics such as live yoghurt, sauerkraut, pickles or kombucha may be sufficient.

However, healthy individuals who are travelling abroad, taking certain medications such as antibiotics, or suffering from a tummy bug can benefit from probiotics taken for a couple of weeks before and after. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG has been shown to be of particular benefit.

IBS is a complex health condition with symptoms that vary from person to person. Triggers vary, and may include everything from diet and dysbiosis to stress and lifestyle. The condition seems to be on the increase with many people being affected to varying degrees. Research has shown that probiotics such as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG can play a part in relieving these symptoms.

Although this product can be used by those looking to support specific gut health requirements, our multi-strain Advanced Biotic Complex may be more beneficial to your needs.

While the probiotics it contains are well-tolerated, if you’re generally healthy and eat a nutritious, varied diet, it’s not usually necessary to use live bacteria products on an ongoing basis. We advise supplementing with Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic only at times you need it most, such as when you’re travelling abroad, during or after a course of antibiotics or if you’re recovering from a bug, for example. However, if you have a specific, chronic gut issue you may benefit from all-year use.

Most people are able to take probiotics without any side effects, however it’s always best to start off slowly if you’ve never tried live bacteria products. You can open up the capsule and take a quarter or half of the contents mixed in a cold drink or yoghurt for a couple of weeks before increasing the dose.

Take one capsule per day or as advised by a healthcare professional. Probiotics are best taken before breakfast, with a cold or room temperature beverage, as live bacteria may be damaged by heat. Although you should take the capsule with a cool beverage, there is no issue with having a hot drink afterwards. If you forget to take it earlier in the day, you can have it with other meals, though we don’t advise taking after a meal.

Probiotics are deemed safe for most people, but if you are immunocompromised or taking certain types of immunosuppressant medication, you should always check with your doctor first. If you take other types of medication, always check with your doctor or the information leaflet with your medicine(s) for contraindications.

Whilst our Advanced Daily Biotic is not suitable for children in capsule form, the contents are safe for children to use, where appropriate. Please contact our Customer Service team for instructions on how to use the product and for appropriate dosing for children, dependent on age and need.