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We make clinical grade supplements based on real-patient experience and price them honestly.
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As a clinical practice, we could see what our customers needed and where the supplement industry was falling short. So we went the extra mile to create our own.

We now make the world’s best supplements and provide evidence-based content, for a 360 degree approach to your optimal health and nutrition.

Professional strength

Allergy friendly

Made in the UK


Our philosophy

We like to keep things real

Real insight

Treating people in our clinic gave us a real understanding of their needs. We saw patients struggle to take multiple supplements and used our expertise to make something better.

Real life

Taking multiple tablets is pricey and fiddly. At Inessa, we live in the real world. Our supplements cost less than other clinical brands and minimise the need to take separate products.

Real ingredients

No unnecessary fillers, colourings or additives. Third-party tested and Vegan Society approved. All our nutrients are clinical-grade, have real benefits and we never compromise on quality.

Inessa founder Aliza Marogy

Real integrity

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Being independently owned means we’re not under pressure to create bigger margins, so we never cut corners on ingredients or dosing.

Real innovation

Real innovation

Our collections are constantly evolving as new research emerges. Bespoke production techniques allow us to create powerful combinations of nutrients in their most absorbable forms.

Real results

Real results

You want best health, not better health. You want to feel well now, as well as in the future. So we go the extra mile to combine premium ingredients in clinical doses, for your optimum wellness.

Aliza founder of Inessa

Our story

“At 18 I developed an autoimmune condition and used diet and supplements to achieve remission. This led me to train as a nutritional therapist, but I found my clients would struggle to take multiple tablets each day. Certain there must be a better way, I pulled together the best developers and researchers to streamline supplements and create the most effective formulas. Today we make the kind of products I wish were available when I was in clinical practice.”
Liza Marogy
Nutritional Therapist & ND
Founder of Inessa
Inessa Instagram

What makes Inessa different?

Optimal doses

Our doses are based on current science and they pack a powerful punch. But while they’re strong enough to be effective, we never use ingredients in unnecessarily high amounts and our doses are always within strict European safety standards.


We’ll never tell you that our supplements are a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. While we take the hard road to make them as effective as possible, they’re designed to support your health as part of an overall wellness regime that incorporates exercise and a nutrient-packed diet.


From the ingredients you’ll find in our products to the content you’ll read in our Wellness Hub, everything we do at Inessa is evidence-based and backed by meticulous research.

Clinician-made, clinician-recommended

All formulations are based on science and on real-patient experience in-clinic. They’re also recommended by experts in the field.


What good is a nutrient if your body can’t absorb it? Every ingredient comes in its most absorbable form, even if it costs us more to produce.


We don’t use any unnecessary additives or chemicals such as titanium dioxide, flavourings or colourings. Our Omega 3 oils offer exceptional purity at levels that surpass industry standards.

Vegan Society approved

With the exception of our fish oil, all supplements are Vegan Society tested and approved, or going through the registration process.


We have no investors pushing us to cut corners so we make a profit. It means we can truly put your health first, without ever having to compromise on quality.

Third-party tested

All our supplements are tested by independent labs for strength and purity.


Everything we do is backed by the latest science. If the research changes, so do our formulations.


We keep our clinical grade supplements affordable. We make sure we price them less than our competitors, so that more people can benefit their health.

How Inessa works

Your optimal health starts here


Decide on your goals

For example:
– Boost your energy
– Nurture your gut
– Support your immunity
– Soothe inflammation
– Improve your Omega 3 profile
– Nourish your pregnancy
– Support your general health


Choose your formula

Whatever you wish to achieve, our supplements will help get you there. Forget multiple-pill supplement regimes. Our products combine ingredients to keep things streamlined - and cheaper! Your health, your way.


Order & start your daily health habit

We deliver straight to your door so making a daily commitment to your future health couldn’t be simpler.

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Seriously good products, for people who are serious about their health.

Recommended by experts

“Industry leading supplements based on the latest scientific research”

Men's Fitness

“The new boss of one a day multivitamins”

Top Sante

“Next gen gut supplements”

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

“BioSoothe is a unique formula to help soothe inflammation”

Psychologies Magazine

“Inessa’s Advanced Biotic Complex to support gut health for people suffering from IBD and irritable bowel syndrome”

Hello! Magazine

"Excellent for mental wellbeing and relaxation" – Magnesium

Top Sante
Marilia ChamonRegistered Nutritionist and Gut Health Specialist

“Inessa’s supplements are often part of my protocols, I not only recommend them to clients but also take them myself. I am a true fan of the Advanced Multivitamin as it offers an excellent micronutrient profile with the addition of CoQ10 for a real energy boost! There is nothing like it in the market.”

Marilia Chamon
Registered Nutritionist and Gut Health Specialist

“I specialise in women’s health, working with high achieving women to harmonise their hormones, optimise their energy and performance. When I discovered Inessa and their unique formulation nearly 12 months ago I was delighted. Their formulations are perfect for so many of my ladies looking to lift in their energy, heal hormone imbalances, diversify their gut ecosystem and optimize detoxification pathways. My clients have noticed a difference in their energy and hormonal symptom since taking them. I’m also a fan personally and I now take the Inessa Multivitamin, BioSoothe and Advanced Biotic Complex.”

Elizabeth Sergeant
Functional Nutritionist (ANutr)

Elizabeth Sergeant Functional Nutritionist (MSc, ANutr)

“I love Inessa’s high quality formulations. I use and recommend the products myself.  I’m a real fan of the pregnancy supplement as the formulation is great for my clients - for both fertility and pregnancy. The high quality, therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals ensure that my clients are getting the essential nutrients they need, at a time when optimal nutrient status is essential.”

Alison Hall
Registered Nutritional Therapist

“I have tried several products from Inessa. As the brand has been created by a fellow Nutritional Therapist the formulations are spot on. I specialise in Fertility and at the Fertility Nutrition Centre we come across lots of supplements, first and foremost we recommend a healthy balanced diet but sometimes people need to supplement and it is important to have a high quality, relevant dose vitamin which don’t contain unnecessary fillers. Aliza Marogy has created an exceptional range which can be used in clinic and bought direct by individuals.”

Sandra Greenbank
Registered Nutritional Therapist, Fertility Nutrition Centre

“I specialise in corporate, sports & fitness, and anti-inflammatory nutrition. As someone who has an autoimmune condition, I’ve used Inessa's Biosoothe, Magnesium, and Advanced Biotic Complex supplements. I noticed the difference within few days of taking these. What I love about the products is that they of high quality, therapeutic and also their Advanced Multivitamin is certified with Informed Sport. As a registered sports nutritionist, this is very important to my athletes.”

Lily Samuels
Registered sports nutritionist MSc, BSc (AfN, SENr)

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